Why More Women are Lifting Weights

Women are becoming more known in the weight lifting world than ever before. Now, why is it women are switching from cardio-based workouts to more heavy lifting? I am not talking about no pink dumbells either. Slows the Weakening of Bones Lifting weights increases are bone density versus not lifting weights. As women age, our bones weaken drastically faster than […]

What is Plyometric Training or Exercise?

At a standstill with your current routine? Need to be challenged and further your results while also increasing your power? Here are the top reasons why you should add Plyometric training into your weekly workout routine. What is Plyometric Training Plyometric training is quick, explosive moments that are designed to improve power and speed. Firstly, when performing any move your […]

Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day

There is a lot of benefits to working those legs of yours, spending all your time avoiding legs isn’t benefiting you. Working your lower half and developing your leg muscles are key to your overall strength and endurance. Why Are Legs Such a Big Deal? Did you know that our legs hold the most muscle in our entire body? Well, […]

My 5 Favorite Beachbody Programs!

Are you interested in Beachbody products? Well, I have been dabbling around with their workouts for a few years now and want to share some of my favorite with you. Piyo When I first returned to working out from having my second born Tallulah, I was told about Piyo created by Chalene Johnson. The program combines both yoga and Pilates […]

My #1 Favorite all Natural Product Company

Looking for a fantastic natural alternative to your every day household items? Are you reading this post because you too want to eliminate or begin to eliminate excess chemicals within your house? Well I can tell you about one of my favorite natural product companies. After my baby girl was born back in February I was looking for baby wash […]